HeartBeat Session Munich 17.01.2020

Join us on this magical musical journey through time with

Rock & Shake Munich
Asimba Sound

+ very special guest Miss Weedy & the Electribe
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Jamaican 1960’s & 70’s Reggae, Rocksteady, original Ska, Roots & more – 99,9% vintage 45rpm vinyl for your ears, feet & heart
served by *The*Prince*Of*Peace* & *The*Hippy*Boy*
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outta Dachau playin‘ the Roots, Dub, Steppers, Dubstep – Style since 2011
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Space Steppas in Dub
10 years ago the Gaggeldub spaceship started its adventures throughout the deep digital dub universe.
As solar sound pioneers their journey moved continued and Space Steppas were born: A joining with Toni Wobble outta Leipzig running Plug Dub Soundsystem.
Miss Weedy at the controls of the magic Electribe. Live loop dub from the underground and far away from gaggel galaxies.
Bass is good for our system!
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JAH SCREECHY is one of the UK’s most in-demand and respected MCs and Reggae artistes. His intelligent rhyming lyrics and intuitive musical sensibility are the foundation of his active life as a recording artist and international performer. In May 1984 he released the unique vinyl sound of Walk and Skank that continues to sell worldwide, achieving status as a reggae dancehall classic.
He is inspiring and mentoring numerous young artistes worldwide.
Screechy aka Screechy Banton is currently working on a collaboration with Soom T and on his first album – a unique collection of exciting topics, containing tunes from four decades, musically bridging the gap between old school and new school.
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Selectress D-LIGHT is a Munich based veteran and has been selecting and promoting reggae music for more than two decades. She has played numerous sessions longside internationally relevant artistes such as Jah Screechy, Ranking Ann, Dennis Alcapone, Soom T, Lone Ranger, Earl Sixteen, Tony Williams, Joseph Cotton, Tippa Irie, Speng Bond, Solo Banton, Junior Roy, Peter Youthman, to name a few. D-Light is holding DJ-workshops for kids and youngsters. She has initiated the exhibition „Homophobia in Reggae – an issue or not?“ for which she collected a number of exclusive statements by reggae artistes on the topic.
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Location: Milla Club, Holzstraße 28, 80469 München (Google Maps)

Escape Velocity

20 years of  Dub Flash – „Escape Velocity“ aniversairy release

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Come and get your double vinyl LP with 20 dub artists on top:
Dubcreator,  Inspirational Sound,  Dreadlock Tales,  Gaggeldub,  Jah Schulz,  THE PROCESS  feat.  Lee „Scratch“ Perry,  Ghetto Priest  &  Little Axe,  Jah Warrior Records,  Malone Rootikal and more…

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Introduction to Dub Flash / Dub Rogue / Ralf Wunderlich

„dub is the all uniting music, the only, the one.“

Starting in 1998, Dub Flash was the first website in the history of the internet dedicated to Dub music. In 2000, it turned into the Dub Information Portal, some sort of social media portal for Dub, long before social media was invented. In 2003, Dub Flash Records was founded, followed in 2004 by the Outer Space Dub XPress webshop and distribution. Since 2007, we make radio shows under the brand Dub Mash. In 2009, Dub Flash teamed up with MoonBass Hi+Fi for some heavyweight sound system events. Nowadays, the record label and the radio show prevail.

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Fluid sound surfing inna digital dub universe

live produced with Electribe MX

All Gaggeldub releases at http://www.dubflash.com

This time at dubfabrikken it’s going to be a special live dub mixing session in Kopenhagen – Denmark.
From Germany – the riddim maker and live dubbist of the Space Steppers – Miss Weedy, is going to give us some loop machine style, digital live dub mixing. Playing back to back with Dubfabrikkens very own Doktor Lond on his mobile analog live dub studio.

Dub roots reggae steppers. 100% original productions. 100% concious sounds. Mixed live on stage on the Mobile Doktor Lond Live Dub Mixing Studio. https://doktorlond.bandcamp.com/

Rasbora Studio

Gaggeldub Crew was in Rasbora Dubs studio @ Grüner Bereich Audiosysteme in 2012 – now we have found some unreleased tracks in the box…

Onetake dub journey „Sun Catcher“

same session: True Warrior

Op`ra dub with Uly E. Neuens: Le Soleil in Dub

Gaggeldub in Rasbora’s studio
Vocals: Uly E. Neuens (Oṕra Dub / Audioart) & Flipstar (Plug Dub)
Bass: Toni Wobble
Guitar & Keys: Dubble Dubble
Keys & Loops: wAlternative
Saxophone: Ra Sa
Violine: Mande Milo
Riddim: Miss Weedy
Drums & Mix: Rasbora